My guess is that this type of advice comes from real food advocates who never cooked much from scratch before their food conversion and so don’t realize how thrifty others already are. I know you’ve seen it too- the newly frugal and totally healthy eater who chirps brightly about how much food she saved when she started eating healthier choices because now she cooks everything from scratch, no more eating out, and no more freezer meals.

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Good distinctions between the cost of eating out vs. organic and cooking organic vs. conventional foods from scratch

I’ve given up on the “large table” dream and have put that energy into other things that really matter. Like being prepared for my guests, making sure I have a healthy, planned-out meal, and looking forward to good conversation and the honor of getting to know our guests more.
First, I think you have to let go of the magazine ideal of what a beautiful home should look like. A beautiful home consists of love, warmth, prayer, music, cooking smells, children’s laughter, aand light. If you have these things it won’t matter if your couch is shabby or if there is duct tape on the recliner (toss a blanket over it).

Tales From The Bonny Blue House: Beauty Amongst the Chaos

Good points to ponder as I look at our getting-shabbier-by-the-kid furniture!